Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Few Words About Yourself

Becky Hirta is a figment of your imagination, cobbled together from several imaginary personae and bits of the author to fill in the holes. These previous incarnations have been known to send strange things in the mail (including pioneering the "chain raisins" spin-off of the chain letter) and to fight imaginary dragons on the internet. Recently the author has taken to dressing like one of these characters and mimicking her haircut in a bit of life imitates art.

Becky Hirta is fearless, silly, and assertive. She has stitched together patches of extreme confidence and risky decision making carefully pulled from the author's life on a day that it was too sunny, she had eaten too much sugar, or that she was otherwise in an odd mood. She has also adopted the author's disregard for the truth.

Becky Hirta is distracted from posting on the blog today because she is trying to do a favor for the author. The author needs to write something about herself (by tomorrow!) for an "about the author" thing, and has been unable to write anything that doesn't sound stupid or lame. The author is hoping that Becky can craft something upbeat and engaging.