Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Don't See Why Anyone Makes an Appointment

From the time that I arrived at the Praise Jesus Walk-In Medical Clinic to the time that I left was just about an hour. This time I was seen by an actual physician (not an M.D., but a D.O. -- good enough considering that I could have been capably treated by a P.A. or a nurse practitioner). The verdict: not infected, just congested. Various anti-infammatories and snot-clearing meds have been prescribed. If I develop a fever, I'm supposed to call.

Officially, according to my insurance company, I am a patient of the Praise Jesus Family Practice -- which is located in the same building and staffed by the same physicians as the Praise Jesus Walk-in Medical Clinic. The only difference is that with the Family Practice side you have to call ahead for an appointment (but can choose which doctor you will see), wait two weeks for an appointment, and sit forever-and-a-half in the waiting room waiting to be called for your appointment.

And, yes, I am willing to receive my healthcare from a bunch of Ned Flanders clones because it is so damn convenient for a $20 co-pay.