Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Vacation Winds Down

Yesterday went out to eat at the Waffle House and then went to see Casino Royale.

Today I caught up on a few errands. Also bought discount scotch tape to use in my classes.

Two more days of leisure (will it be sunny enough to sew?) then off to my parents' house for a long weekend of concentrated family togetherness. Home for two days after that. And then off to New Orleans for the math conference. Back here on the 7th; meetings all day on the 8th; classes begin on the 10th.

Dry cleaning needs to be dealt with in between all that.

And my ears have been hurting for the past few days. At some point while I'm still in town I need to go to the clinic to find out if I have an ear infection. If I were six years old, that's what I'd suspect. Do adults get ear infections?