Friday, December 22, 2006

Mysteries and Unanswered Questions

  1. Did Professor Roe screw up in entering grades in the online system? Or is the online grade system screwed up? As I am only receiving complaints from Professor Roe's students, I have my suspicions.

  2. Variation on the hat check problem: What is the probability that the incorrect grades led to failing students still failing and passing students still passing so that most of the students end up in the correct course next semester? (Professor Roe is teaching a course that is part of a sequence.)

  3. Why is it harder to put a contact lens in my left eye and easier to put one in the right but easier to put eyeliner on my left eyelid and harder to do it on the right?

  4. Why can I never find what I'm looking for with Spotlight yet it all-too-conveniently digs up things that weren't meant to be found?

  5. Is it a bad sign that in my course planning for next semester that I have already scheduled two days for showing movies in class?

  6. What should I get my brother for Christmas? Normally I get him nothing (and he gets me nothing). However, I have received an email from my mom telling me that my brother's annoying wife has bought me presents (which are now at my parents' house). I am thinking "gift certificate."

  7. Where should I go for New Year's Eve? I will be in Schenectady, a place not known for being fun.