Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Compare and Contrast

In my calculus class, I have had perfect attendance more than once, and there have never been more than 2 students (out of 30) absent. In the gen-ed class, absenteeism is running about 10% - 15%. Several students have already missed four classes. Class has met 6 times so far.

In both classes, one earns homework credit by merely turning in the assignment. Most of the calculus students have turned in all of the assignments; all of them have turned in at least one. Few of the gen-ed students have turned in all the assignments; several have not turned in any work so far.

The class average in calculus is a B+ (mean) and 100% (median). The class average in the gen-ed class is a mean D (just barely!) with a median of C+.

We shall see how well this predicts the overall performance for the whole semester.