Friday, January 12, 2007

Good Thing I Brought Markers

Well, neither SMART Sympodium would work for me this morning. The one in 314 had some error on the screen about MHz and wouldn't recognize my laptop at all. Fortunately I could use the AUX video to play the movie clip from my iPod on the projector system. Lucky for me, the worst of the words that Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson use in the scene that poses the problem is "shit." The scene that has the solution (which I cut out of my clip using iMovie) is where "motherfucker" and The N Word appear. Not the sort of thing that I want to show in class!

Down in 214 I could get the Sympodium to turn on and to mirror the laptop screen. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the Sympodium to recognize the stylus. So after fussing with the technology for a while, I had to get out the board-cleaning spray and wash the board before I could start teaching. Meant that I started class a few minutes late. I wasn't really surprised by this turn of events, though, as yesterday afternoon one of my department's sysadmins was in 214 with one of the department's laptops and was unsuccessful at getting the system to work.

I'd considered bringing my Wacom tablet with me. But with the Wacom, you can't see what you're writing as you write it. Really what I need is for the expensive technology to WORK.

I called Technology Classroom Tech Support to report my problems. The guy says that he'll try to take a look today. In the meantime, I am stocking 214 with the Good Erasers and hiding the Bad Erasers in hopes that the board will be a bit more useful when I arrive Wednesday morning after the guy who leaves the board a smeary mess. I might also buy a roll of real paper towels for washing the board, as the stiff brown ones from the restroom don't seem to hack it.