Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm Just Here for the Food

Right now I'm making use of the $10 I spent on wireless internet in the lobby of some hotel that seems to be part of the math conference, as I am surrounded by white men over 50. Wasn't willing to stand on the sidewalk to access the free wireless internet provided by the city of New Orleans.

Yesterday I was at the airport at 7:30am in anticipation of an 8:30am departure. Ended up taking off a little past 12:30pm; obviously I didn't make my original connection and the airline rebooked me on a different flight (after first attempting to get me on an earlier flight on another airline that was full). Despite the annoyance of waiting around in the airport for hours and hours, there was a bright side. I needed a copy of an out-of-print book that had been used in one of my courses as an undergrad, so on Wednesday I called someone who I went to school with to see if he still had his copy. He did, and he was coming to the conference, so I asked him to bring it with him. Turns out that he was on my rescheduled flight into New Orleans, so I was able to grab the book from him at baggage claim.

Now I just need to deal with all of my accumulated email (probably will have to ssh into school and use pine, as I'm guessing that my outgoing SMTP options are limited) and figure out how well I've chosen my provider of $10 internet. The other hotel has a Starbucks, but it looked crowded, and this one has comfy chairs in the lobby. Since I don't have a program (about to download one!), I'm not sure what's going on in which hotel.

I still have a few hours to figure out what I'm going to be doing for lunch. Last night I rendezvoused with my brother-in-law (who is working at The Justice Center until Saturday) and went to Mother's where I had the most fantastic catfish po'boy that ever existed in the history of cooked food.