Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Follies from the Beginning of School

  1. A conversation I overheard in the hall today, between Professor Li and one of the secretaries: Was he teaching Math 240? Or was he teaching his math class at 2:40pm?

  2. Since I teach in whiteboard room right after someone who uses the Bad Markers and doesn't erase, I've installed the SMART software on my laptop so that I can use the virtual pens on the Sympodium. We shall see if the technology makes my life any easier. If it works, I can then save the lecture directly to my webserver. We shall see whether the bad whiteboard (with the bad markers) has brought about some good in the world. Or it might end up an unmitigated disaster. Watch this space tomorrow!

  3. Tonight I need to go home and re-rip a movie clip because the resolution is more iPod and less projector screen. I've assigned the students to read the textbook section with that problem where you have a three gallon jug and a five gallon jug and you need to get exactly four gallons. I'm showing the clip from Die Hard with a Vengeance where they are given the same problem by the bomber.