Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Social Life

  1. Went to a party last night.

  2. Purposely didn't tell The Topologist about the invitation to the party until after he already had other plans. He wouldn't have had fun, and I would have spent the entire time worrying about him not having fun.

  3. Ran into someone who I used to have a crush on. It was weird. Had a strange little conversation: "Haven't seen you since your department hosted [important event]?" "Wow, has it been that long? That must have been last spring?" Hugged briefly. Crush seems to have completely passed.

  4. Talked to some guy in Humanities Department. Can't tell if he's just goofy, friendly, and outgoing or if he was hitting on me. Since I don't think that we caught each others' names and he works across campus, it's unlikely to matter.

  5. Spent most of the time talking to people who I extra-invited to the party (the invitation was one of those "if you know anyone who would enjoy the party, you should ask them to come" deals). They're relatively new to the neighborhood and to the university. Talked to them about how students are just as bad in other departments. Students in Painting 2 will walk into the studio late, paint while talking on their cell phones, and then wonder why they don't pass portfolio review.