Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Update from my Office

  1. It's about 75 degrees in here with the air conditioner going full blast.

  2. Got Professor's Roe's grades from the registrar's office. My current theory is that the registrar's grade system permuted the grades in seemingly random ways. Evidence to that: One student has both a grade and the "withdrawn" flag set. The faculty online system does not allow a grade to be assigned to a withdrawn student.

  3. Now I should ask for MY grades, to see how widespread this problem is. But I really don't want to know.

  4. The hardest part of arranging a meeting is scheduling a room. Meant to do that in November!

  5. Preparing to travel to the conference: need to remember to bring home my mini-DVI to VGA adapter as well all the other video-projecty impedimenta for my laptop and iPod.

  6. Also trying to figure out how to get OpenOffice on my laptop (good thing I've already installed X11!) so that I can do my number crunching while out of town.

  7. Was going to make a photo essay about my parents' basement. Too busy to deal with that now, so instead I leave you with a still life. I call it "Lathe with Golf Clubs."