Friday, January 26, 2007

The Week Ends on a Tired Note

Yesterday was quite a day with me spending about 12 hours in my office. Mostly me trying to get caught up on all the projects that I'm juggling and my trying to avoid homeless relative. He's left a bunch of his stuff on my porch, and is now living in his car. I believe that today he's driving to the state capital to be a transient there for a while, taking advantage of their nice VA hospital. A few weeks ago he was talking about getting a job, and he bought my 1994 Honda Civic for $1000 (he's on a payment plan, no interest) to be reliable transportation. Now though? His doctor told him that he has high blood pressure, so he decided that he'd take care of it by moving out of his place (he'd been staying with friends) and living out. He remembers how last time he was living on the street he was in much better physical shape, so he's doing it again.

I also spent some time planning my class for this morning. In the gen-ed class, the current topic is prime numbers. I found my clip from The Mirror Has Two Faces where Jeff Bridges and Barbra Streisand talk about the Twin Prime Conjecture while on a date. I printed up grids for the Sieve of Eratosthenes and looked up some history about Eratosthenes. Prepped some stuff on internet security and RSA.

Twelve of my 38 students were absent.

For that kind of attendance, I can stand at the board with my back to the class, marker in hand, and lecture about prime numbers.

Now I need to prep classes for Monday, and I'll be ready to catch up on my Real Work this weekend.