Monday, January 29, 2007

Wishful Thinking

One thing that I really like about using the Sympodium in class is that now I'm facing the class the whole time. Even if sometimes my eyes are cast down at the screen, it's still better than having my back turned when I'm at the board.

So today I saw one of the football players in the class sending text messages on his cell phone. I say to him, "You don't need that now. Put it away." And he was like, "I'm using the calculator to calculate." Unfortunately for him, at the time the board looked like:

(I was getting ready to write: "Show that there must be a prime number > 5.")

So I responded, "All we have so far is 5. We don't even have an operation. You don't need a calculator for 5."

He sulked and put it away.

What I wish I had was his phone number (which I don't because he added after the first day, and I collected that information on the first day) and a Bluetooth cell phone that worked with Address Book because then I would send him an SMS message via my laptop (probably something like "Stop texting during class"), projected on the screen in the front of the room for all to see.