Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Tech-Geekery

Today when I got home from school there was a UPS package by my door. My 15' DVI-HDMI cable arrived! Now I can send digital content from my computer to my TV. Completely digitally! In wide-screen!

I am anxiously awaiting the next NetFlix film that has subtitles. My DVD player displays the subtitles beneath the pictures, where the letterboxing would be on a 4:3 TV, so in order to read the subtitles, I have to put my TV in 4:3 mode. However, Apple's DVD player is smart enough to put the subtitles higher, so they'll show up when viewed in widescreen.

I now own the complete collection of Apple mini-DVI adapters: DVI, VGA, and composite-/S-video.

Next project: Figuring out whether I can get the MacBook's audio-out for 5.1 surround to play nicely with my stereo.