Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Busy, Busy Day

  1. The Math Department has a set of programs for TI-calculators that spread, virally, throughout our student body. These programs simplify the very tedious calculations of business math. Especially for those students whose arithmetic is a bit shaky. Crisis of the day: someone's class has some students with Casio calculators. The syllabus says only that the TI is highly recommended but not required. Must these students with non-mainstream calculators be forced to write their own number crunching programs? Calculate by hand? Demand the teacher to only assign simple problems? Compromises were reached.

  2. I trusted iTunes to convert my video to iPod-compatiple .mv4. Alas, but iTunes did not include the SOUND with the video. Fortunately, I still had the original quicktime and was able to hook the laptop back up to the projector in class. Annoyed at iTunes; happy that it wasn't a hardware problem. Scrambled to keep everything together in class. Didn't help that I had already set up the laptop for playing torus games and had to fuss with moving around windows and navigating the Finder. (My goal is to have my computer-based classroom presentation be as seemless as possible; you should be able to forget I'm controlling a computer to make it all happen.)

  3. People who are teaching engineering calculus for the first time came to my office looking for wisdom, tips, or whatnot.

  4. Bought some mildly ugly shoes because they have removable insoles and are orthotic-compatible. Bleh, bleh, bleh. I'm thinking that I will keep them under my desk and not wear them out of my office. Missed out on going to the gym because of that (took up my usual time-slot).

  5. Ninety bazillion students wanted to talk to me about all sorts of things. I dispensed wisdom about calculus textbooks, math-related movies, the value of getting a minor, and where one might get an internship in [student's major]. Also thought about what I might do with a possible independent study student who wants to meet a few times this semester to see if an official independent study in the fall would be a good idea.

  6. Going out to dinner! Sushi!