Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Email Mailbox

  1. The student who wants me to exempt her from the math class that her major, business, requires. She scored a 3 on the AP Calculus AB exam (a score that means "student probably knows a little calculus"), earning her credit for our dumbed down business calculus course. She also wants to be exempted from the finite math course that business requires. It's a course about loans, interest, and amortization. About matrices and linear programming. The reason she wants to be exempted from this course? She already knows calculus, and her sister took the finite math course. I told her that she could check with her advisor in business to see if they'll let her out of the requirement.

  2. The first exam in my gen-ed class was February 2. The drop deadline was February 19. On February 18 I received an email from a student in that class asking me whether he should drop or whether he has a chance of passing the class this time; I responded that he needs to think about why he's been unsuccessful so far and whether those are factors that he has control over. Yesterday I got another email from him. The most recent email says that he dropped the class right after the first test but that it because of a glitch in the online system, it didn't drop him from the course, and now he's wondering if I can sign a form to allow him to drop.

  3. A student in my class, who has missed class several times before without telling me his reason, emails me
    Miss Becky,
    I misssed clas this morning due to an injury i sustaned last night in my jujitsu class. i have either broken my toe or strained it to an excessive exstent. Either way i m unable to walk and was unable to get to class. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Stu Dent

    "Become the Legend."-J.P.M.III

  4. Been having trouble with the ethernet in my office. For some reason I'm having connection problems to our 20 year old 10Base2 wiring. Can't yet tell whether it's the network jack in my office or whether it's the PCI network card in my G4 Sawtooth. The sysadmin put a 10Base2-to-RJ45 converter hub in my office so that I can test the wiring with my MacBook or with the built-in ethernet on the G4. Since the G4 belongs to the department, it needed its ethernet hardware registered by the sysadmin and given a name on the department part of the network. (I self-registered my MacBook, pairing it to my NetID on the personal part of the network.) Department machines typically are given the names of famous mathematicians. Today my sysadmin emails me to let me know what my machine's new network name is. Somewhat fittingly, as I struggle to connect over to the ethernet, my machine has been dubbed