Friday, March 16, 2007

Putting the Fun Back in Funeral

  1. Explaining that Grandpa's cremains might not be ready in time for the service, Mom suggests, "We could bring Grandma. No one would know."

  2. Someone had to be asked to leave the funeral! An unwelcome ex-husband.

  3. When I was talking to my cousin at the funeral, he told me that the most notable part of my reviews on Rate My Professor is that my students like my shoes. I believe the quote is: "Frequently uses arctangent and wears amazing shoes."

  4. Big storm! My noon flight out of here was cancelled! My 5pm rescheduled flight was cancelled! I'm scheduled to fly out tomorrow evening. We'll see if that works. I didn't pack much underwear, so I might have to launder if I'm going to be stuck here much longer.