Monday, March 05, 2007

Unanswered Questions for Apple Inc

  1. Why is the Mac Mini such a bad deal? Core-single, tiny drive, hardly any memory, no peripherals... And not really all that cute, either.

  2. Why doesn't my iPod have a calculator function among the "extras"?

  3. Why is the "Location" option under the Apple menu so useless? What I need is a way to tell my MacBook that if I'm using the school's wireless network, then I want my work email sent via; if I'm using my home wireless network, I want to use; if I'm in some other location, I want to ask me. Now what I do is try to send the mail from my work account, and if I'm in the "wrong" place, I respond to the alert by picking the right network. really ought to be smart enough to learn that my outgoing SMTP is based on my location. (Of course if my work email would allow me to authenticate to their SMTP server with my NetID and password, I wouldn't have this problem.)

  4. Will the iPhone vibrate?