Monday, April 09, 2007


  1. Is there a good reason why I didn't post to my blog the entire long weekend? No. I sat around and complained about the weather and played Sudoku on my iPod. I also managed to do most of the laundry that had built up over the past month. Did not manage to grade all the papers that need grading.

  2. Monday omens: Forgot to bring my "tall shoes" with me this morning, so I will be wearing black flats all day. An electric glitch over the weekend fried the print server, so I was unable to print my worksheet.

  3. Email mailbag: A student who self-describes as "terrible at math" is planning on taking gen-ed math during the 3-week summer session (in which a 14-week class is taught in 14 three-hour classes) has emailed me looking for a tutor -- at the rate of $15 an hour. Not optimistic. Also, a student emailed me last night that he was going to be missing class today because of Pesach. Fine, OK, whatever. However, he also told me that he didn't remember about it until yesterday when his sister reminded him. How observant can you be to forget about Passover until yesterday? I somehow doubt that there is a Jewish version of the Eastern Orthodox celebrating religious holidays later than everyone else. Good thing that although I take attendance, I don't really DO anything with it unless you have some sort of weird problem and need to have your dates of attendance verified.

  4. I have my annual review meeting in 30 minutes; should be a formality, but I'll bring a copy of my CV or something. If I can find my CV. If the printserver is back up.

  5. I'm thinking of signing up to work at the advising center next year. An 84-hour time commitment for $3300. Plus the opportunity to meet people from outside the math department and to figure out why so many mis-advised students end up in my class. Plus I'm a glutton for punishment.