Monday, April 16, 2007

From the Excuse Files

  1. An athlete explains that the reason that he's always late and that he missed eight quizzes is because he thought that class started at 8:10, not at 8:00. My class meets during one of the standard class meeting times; the time is listed on his schedule and on the timetable.

  2. From the can't win department: One of my students has told me about a situation so potentially serious (that has led to missed classes and at least one missed exam) that something is definitely going on. I don't know what to hope for: Would I rather my student is really facing these dire circumstances? Or do I hope that my student is lying about something of such a grave nature?

  3. No excuse. One of my students who hasn't been to class since February 28 decided to show up today. Didn't say anything to me about it. No attempt to explain why she's back after six weeks' of absences.