Sunday, April 29, 2007

Instead of Grading

  1. Knitting. Finished the gusset of the Infamous Second Sock. Finished Sock #1 back in August.

  2. Mostly finished the syllabus for the calculus class that I am teaching in the FALL. Day-by-day calendar is planned out. Grading system is just about finalized.

  3. Due to the brilliance of Dave leading to plans to swap the university's hemisphere iMac (currently at home doing little more than acting as a print server) with the university's G4 "Sawtooth" tower (currently in my office and starting to show its age), the Titanium PowerBook will no longer take over the role of print server and instead will be given to Homeless Relative. Much time was spent scrubbing it free of personal files. Found deep in the hard drive: photographs of me from 1995.

    The one on the left is from my cross-country drive (August), and the one on the right was from Halloween (fairy princess).

  4. Used PhotoBooth on the new MacBook to snap a picture of me and The Topologist.