Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tales From the Medical Professions

  1. Went to the dentist today. No cavities! Just have to go back in 6 months. They were unable to email me my x-rays.

  2. Today we did the "driving versus flying" example in my gen-ed class. Usually it always goes the same way: I ask, "Who's ever been in a car accident?" and almost everyone raises their hand. Then I ask, "Who's been in an airplane accident?" and no one raises their hand. Finally I ask, "Who knows someone who's been in an airplane accident?" Typically I'm the only person who answers yes to that one (my brother is a pilot and had a minor incident where the landing gear weren't working). This time, several hands shot up! So, of course, I asked them to tell the stories. Turns out that I have paramedics in my class.

  3. Could have come in handy down the hall. In Bob's statistics class this morning, a student had a seizure! Someone called 911, and the student was taken to the hospital.