Thursday, April 05, 2007

Things Continue Much as They Were

Today brought three more students to my office: I was informed of a dead grandparent; someone wanted to go over a test; a scholar-athlete promised to do better for the rest of the semester.

Nine more class days in MWF classes.

Someone needs to tell my students that whatever your letter grade is now, there is a 90% chance that it's going to be the same after finals are over.

In other news, my Clicker arrived yesterday. Whoever wrote the software clearly was not committed to following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Heck, no regard to human factors at all. The project manager should be ashamed of having produced such a poorly-designed piece of software. (Sure, probably there was pressure from above to get it out quickly, but STILL, the software that they have is nothing to be proud of.) Good thing I have a summer job, or else I'd get a book about writing drivers for USB devices and spend the summer figuring out how to get the raw data from the receiver box.