Friday, April 13, 2007

The Week is Over and I Need to Grade Now

  1. I gave a calculus exam on Thursday. My students clearly struggled and made stupid mistakes (clear upon my first glance through the exams). I told me students that it was very important that they come to class today; I handed the exams back out and gave them 15 more minutes to work on the problems and to catch any errors.

  2. When I cut out the probability unit in the gen-ed class, I needed to design a new problem set to replace the assignment that would have been due today. Instead of giving them problems from the textbook, I had the students carefully write up one of the proofs that we've been working on. I think that next time I teach this, I'm going to have all the major assignments be the careful writing of proofs. I might change my mind before then.

  3. In order to keep all the planning up to date and to keep track of everything in the midst of semester-end meetings, I am so behind on the grading. I have two problem sets, some normal homework, and the exam to grade. Plus I haven't really had much of a chance to post on my blog.