Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Summer Day in the Office

  1. No longer teaching = I can show up dressed much more outlandishly. Tulle! Sparkles! Stripes!

  2. All about saying no: I'm sorry that you're disappointed with your grade in the course, but your justification for a grade appeal is lacking. Sometimes I think I should update the grade appeal form to ask for the student's mailing address. Nothing says "no" quite like letterhead.

  3. Cleaned my office, an annual ritual. With renovations of the math building planned, I'm hoping to also clean my filing cabinet, too. Ring theory papers that I haven't read in five years? Probably they should go. Heck, I'm not even sure what I have in there; if I needed one of those papers I'd probably look it up and get a new copy from the library because I don't even know that it's in my filing cabinet.

  4. I'm not so neurotic as to barcode everything I own and catalog it.

  5. Walked all over campus to figure out whether I could have back-to-back classes in two specific buildings this fall. Can't. Not unless I resign myself to a semester of flat shoes and showing up frazzled.