Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Architect Puts Out a Plan

If you do a google image search for my university, the math building will appear several times on the first page of hits. This building is featured on just about every glossy brochure that the university distributes. If we were a sovereign nation, the math building would appear on our coins or currency.

On the inside, the place is a bit of a dump. Holes in classroom floors large enough for me to quip to my students that I might twist my ankle and go out on workman's comp. Holes in the walls. Cracked terrazzo. Hardwood floors with the finish walked right off of them. Oh yeah: minimal electricity. My office only has two-prong electricity (I should be THANKFUL for the 10-Base-2 ethernet). Some classrooms don't have any outlets. Not air conditioned. The fourth floor has been condemned (really!). And you don't want to know about the roaches that I saw in the rest room yesterday.

Today we got the architect's vision of the building. We're scoping things out, making our list of things that we don't like. There are a few offices that I have my eye on. Too bad there is no office space planned for the belfry. Might be nice and quiet up there. Probably would have a good view. And if any random students wandered by, they'd probably be more interesting than the ones who now try to come and borrow my stapler.