Tuesday, May 08, 2007

From the Grade Appeal Files

The problem with having my final on the last day of finals is that I'm not done grading yet, but I'm starting to hear from disgruntled students from other classes.

A new twist: a student who scored well on assessments during the semester but did very badly on the final is complaining that the final is weighted too heavily in students' grades. Typically I hear students claim that the final exam score should be able to replace an entire semester's worth of poor choices, mistakes, and bad luck.

My take: The classroom instructor might not have adequately prepared the students for the departmental final exam in that course. Some instructors try to buy their students' love by giving easy exams and then blame the system when their students do poorly on the final (and receive low letter grades). It's The Man keeping you down by requiring you to know how to factor quadratic polynomials and add rational functions.

Much more pending.... Once I finish this damn grading.