Friday, May 25, 2007

Tales from the Audio Files

I forget the exact sequencing on this: Did The Topologist ask me to convert a tape of Tibetan Buddhist chanting to a digital file for him before or after his iPod Nano filled up? I think the iPod filled up first.

In any event, I bought him a new iPod (80 GB) because it was sad that his iPod was full. (I have a thing for buying lavish gifts; unfortunately, this does not fit in with my plan to stop spending so much money. That plan has NOT been going well lately.)

He then devoted days and days and days to ripping CDs, filling his new iPod with about 27 GB of music (almost 6500 songs).

Right now I'm copying another tape of Buddhist chanting for him. Would I be better off saving it in a compressed on a non-compressed format: Do I want the second iPod to fill up?