Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tales from the Bad Bakery

Once again I find myself at the bad bakery because of its free wireless. The good cafe also has free wireless, but I needed supper, and I wasn't in the mood for dining on cheesecake.

Every time I come here, I wonder why I did. I have some sort of idea that I should get out of the house and get some work done. I imagine that the work that followed me to my office but didn't get done will somehow seem more interesting when combined with a sandwich and some decaf coffee.

Maybe it's better to sit alone in front of a glowing screen in a room filled with other people? Writing a blog entry while ignoring the grading (oh, the litany of the grading) is somehow preferable to eating leftovers in front of the television?

I wonder if this town has a place that combines free wifi and beer (maybe with an outdoor patio). Maybe that's where I need to go when I tell myself that I should get out of the house and do some work. It's all a matter of location, location, location. If I found the right place to be the grading (and everything else) would magically sort itself out.