Thursday, May 31, 2007

Unanswered Questions

  1. Why did three birds fall out of their nest into my backyard over a period of two days?

  2. If you have a homomorphism from SL(2, C) into the Lorenz group (takes a matrix A to the action AxA*) and you restrict to SU(2), why is the image O(3)?

  3. How did I get an A in Honors Linear Algebra as a freshman without learning any linear algebra?

  4. When will I finally get around to replacing the thermostat? Current thermostat seems OK at keeping the house at around 80 degrees, but if you set it for anything less than that, it will try to chill the house to 68. I've already removed it from the wall enough so that I could paint behind it. Just need to deal with the issue of the holes; old thermostat was screwed to the wall without drywall anchors, and strange holes remain in the wall.

  5. When will the UPS guy be back with all of the wonderful things that I am buying myself online?

  6. With all the weird stuff that went on over the past two days, why was all of it completely unbloggable?