Thursday, June 21, 2007

Busy Day

Today was mostly spent walking around Cambridge (and one walk across the river) buying all the things that one needs for nearly seven weeks away from home but that don't fit nicely into two suitcases (or that I didn't know I needed). Fan. Extra towel. Swiffer. Extension cord. Foam mattress topper. I'm going to have quite the pile to give away on Craigslist in August.

Set up my computer with certificates and such so that I can read my MIT email with Talked to some very helpful guy in the room next to W20-575 who showed me how to make the keyboard default to dvorak when I log into my Athena account. Next up: figuring out how to connect to Athena from my laptop, learning how to move files from my laptop to my Athena account (could I be so lucky as to be able to ftp?), and finding out how to print.

Also made a bunch of phone calls to find an economical way to get a bunch of people from the airport to here. Found a small shuttle company where the guy on the phone cut us a deal.

Emailed a bunch of people to help with the airport arrangements. Started working on an arrival checklist. Need to get a copy of the spreadsheet that will become the sign in sheet.

Talked to a bunch of really great people. 

Today was easy. Tomorrow things get busy. I have a meeting at 10am, and then things really get started.