Friday, June 08, 2007

Fine, Go Ahead, Have It Your Way

Yesterday I was contacted by a student who wants to enroll in a first summer session course. First session started on Monday, and it ends the first week of July. The add deadline was Wednesday. He has missed about 20% of the course.

Today the student followed up by having his athletic advisor contact the registrar's office to find out what would need to be done to add the student to the class. The registrar's office helpfully explained that even though the deadline for adding a course has passed that they will let him add with the permission of the department.

I would love to get my hands on the real rules about adding and dropping, as it appears that the ones in the undergraduate catalog and published on the registrar's web page are not actually enforced. How late will the registrar's office let you add a class?

In any event, I've decided to give in to the student. Fine, go ahead, add the damn class. As the student is on a sports team that is not known for its academic successes*, I figure that he'll get his just deserts.

*I have had seven students from this team in my classes. Their outcomes: one C, two Ws, four Fs.