Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hair Dye Compared

Loreal Color Pulse "Chilled Plum" vs. Special Effects "Pimpin' Purple"

The Color Pulse is much easier to use because it is designed for the masses. It washes off your skin with soap and water. It washes out of your towel or your robe in the laundry. Just glop it on your hair, wait, and rinse. No need to be careful. No worries of staining anything. Easy easy easy. Although it says that it washes out of your hair in 8-10 days, I've used it so much that my hair is stained.

Special Effects, on the other hand, is designed as a longer lasting dye, and it will instantly and tenaciously turn everything it contacts an intense purple. Reminds me of those super-concentrated professional food colorings that we got to use once in Home Ec in middle school where the tiniest glob on the tip of a toothpick turned the entire batch of frosting bright yellow. Helpful hint: the best way I found to get it off my hands was rubbing alcohol.

The Special Effects Pimpin' Purple is more purply than the Loreal Chilled Plum (which is more of a magenta). Pimpin' Purple is a much nicer color (in my opinion), but the Loreal Color Pulse is WAY easier to use, especially if you are doing it yourself. I tested out Pimpin' Purple on a small piece in the front as an experiment, and I'm reluctant to deal with doing much more than isolated bits. Getting even color without staining the skin seems like it would be very, very difficult unless you had help.

Since I didn't bleach my hair first, neither of them is obnoxiously purple. And it photographs as brown (which is why there is no photo on this post); you only really see the purple in person in bright light.