Friday, June 15, 2007

In Which Our Heroine Ignores Her Blog in Favor of Authoring Other Web-Based Content

There is absolutely nothing interesting to say about what I have been spending the past two days on: chipping away at the Eduspace site that I have been creating for my fall course. EduSpace comes loaded with a ton of content, and it is powered by Blackboard. Unfortunately, my students are easily distracted, so I have to hide everything that we're not using. There are at least three different places so far that I have found "homework" built into EduSpace, and I'm trying to make sure that my students only have access to the homework that I have assigned. We only use part of the text, so I'm hiding everything relating to chapters that we don't cover.

If this were a normal web page, this would not be so bad. I would use find and replace, maybe write a clever script, and be done with this quickly.

But, no, this is powered by Blackboard. Everything that I want to change: I have to click on the item, click on "modify", click on the field where I want to make changes, click on Submit, then click on OK. And there is a lack of keyboard shortcuts, so it's all mousing (which my shoulder hates).

Also I'm trying to help with the redesign of my department's web page. The problem is that I have a different design aethetic than the person who is actually in charge, so I need to practice open-mindedness.

Oh, and this morning I cleaned the bathroom.

Maybe I should go out tonight so that I will have something to blog about this weekend.