Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ironically, I am Using Camino to Write this Post

Somewhat impulsively, I downloaded and installed the new Safari. I'm not sure what I think about there now being Safari for Windows, too. My hunch is that this is all about the iPhone. Really, these days everything Apple does is all about the iPhone.

On the one hand, my compose window on blogger has little icons in it now, so I can format my posts without having to do all of the html by hand. On the other hand, while most of the little icons work, the one for uploading images does not. Thus, the inclusion of the screenshot required me to break out the Camino. (Yes! I use Safari and Camino! Browser ghetto! I hate Firefox.)

Not even a day in to using the new Safari, I have reported a bug (tab wonkiness when opening bookmarks with the mouse-wheel-button), found a web page that no longer works for me (can't use the image uploading on Blogger), and had an "unexpected quit." I've customized my Safari toolbar to include the "report bug" button.

Seventeen more days until the iPhone. Not sure if I'm willing to deal with the hassle of dealing with the crowds and trying to get my cell phone service switched while I'm out of town (I'm leaving in 8 days). I might have to wait until I come back to get that all sorted out. Part of me wants to wait for the next hardware revision, but another part of me points out that my cell phone will be six years old this summer and is long overdue for a replacement.