Saturday, June 16, 2007

Next up: Make a Verizon Shirt

Remember my Comcast shirt?

Haven't worn it in a while. Lately Comcast has been pretty good at providing me with the services that I pay for.

Verizon, on the other hand.... Urgh. Back during the first week of May I cancelled one of my phone lines. Mid-may, I get the Verizon bill, and everything looks fine. Yesterday, I get the Verizon bill and they have decided since I no longer have the "regular" line, my phone is now an "extra" line and, as such, has NO MINUTES, and every phone call I make is billed at 45 cents a minute. Ouch. (Do I still have mobile to mobile? Do I still have nights and weekends? Can't tell.) And the only way they can fix it is to start a new two-year contract. I told the customer service rep on the phone that I did not want that; let's hope that she honored my wishes and didn't start a new contract.

Current plan: get pre-paid cell phone to use for the summer and then tell Verizon to fuck off. It's not worth paying them $20 a month for me to keep my number so that I can port it over to my iPhone once I finally get that straightened out. Anyone who is trying to reach me should definitely try email first!

But in the near future, you'll find me at my ironing board, trying to peel off "comcast" and replacing it with "verizon."