Monday, June 11, 2007

Nothing to Report

  1. Spent a bunch of time this weekend making mock-ups of course webpages to be implemented when the College gives us the go-ahead to convert the Math Department webpages from the old template to the new template.

  2. Wasted way too much time fussing with Photoshop making a banner image that will almost certainly be vetoed and replaced by a photograph of the math building.

  3. Assorted misplaced anxieties brought about by my upcoming departure for my summer job. They are not particulary interesting. I am normally not this much of a nutcase.

  4. Facing an intense urge to declutter my house. Wishing I could find a new home for my insect-infested bay leaf tree.

  5. Not enough time to order books and be sure that they arrive before I leave. I am trying to get the library to buy them so that I can read them for free when I get back. Current book of interest: English translation of Fibnonacci's Liber Abaci. I am hoping that in the future that I can use it as a text for the honors gen-ed course. The paperback of it is MUCH cheaper than an official "textbook."