Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quick Notes from an Unproductive Day

  1. Really I am having an unproductive week. Unless you count mopping the kitchen floor or backing up the hard drive on the office computer (allegedly going to be replaced with a brand new computer while I am gone) as productive.

  2. I have been a crazy woman calling up Cingular to figure out if I can buy my iPhone while I am out of town. No one seems to understand my questions: Can an out-of-town number be ported over from Verizon? If not, can I keep my Verizon account open to keep my number and then port it over when I get home?

  3. Had the weirdest dream last night and woke up at 4:30 AM. In my dream my brother was having an affair with a woman who I know who dropped out of graduate school. My dad was so upset that he disappeared, and my mom's cousin had to tell me about it by text message. For some reason, we were packing up stuff as if we were moving and were storing some of it in the basement (in the sump pump room of my parents' basement). There was also some element of danger. Angry football players, I think.

  4. Got up, did some stuff on the computer, discovered that my very large financial transaction had escaped limbo and was now posting to the balance in my new online bank account, and went back to bed until about 9am. Crazy-late for me.

  5. Spent most of the day fighting off the possibility of a migraine. Napped a lot. Skipped going to the gym (exercise makes my headaches worse).

  6. Got an email from some guy who I went to high school with. I always feel so damn inferior when I hear what my classmates are up to. He's a fancy lawyer. Also went to high school with a guy who is a doctor at a major teaching hospital, a guy who's an executive at a technology company, someone who makes a zillion dollars working for Google, etc. etc. etc. Normally I'd cheer myself up by reminding myself that my brother has more of a loser job than I do, but his wife is a big-shot (been interviewed on national news, including NPR).

  7. Tried to plant my bay leaf tree in the back yard. Thwarted by the ridiculous undiggable clay soil and by hoardes of hungry mosquitos (seven bites in about two minutes). I think I need a G&T for the medicial effects of the quinine. Just in case.

  8. I suspect that the highlight of my day will be watching So You Think You Can Dance. Need to find my glasses so that I can do that.