Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Money

I haven't even started work yet, and I'm already coming up with ways to spend my earnings.

Current thought: Digital piano.*

I'd been sort of waffling between the idea of a real (used, upright) piano and a digital one. Right now the only things that a real piano has going for it are snob appeal and that thing where you hold down keys silently (to raise the dampers on those strings) and play other notes and the undamped strings resonate.

Aside from that, the digital piano seems to be coming out ahead. Takes up less space and can be moved by normal people. Never needs tuning. Fairly easy to shop for (compared to a used real piano). Volume control, including the ability to use headphones (could be a minus if one is prone to Gould-esque humming along).

What makes me think of this now is that I have a piece by Chopin stuck in my head, and I'm sure that I could get it out of my head if I could listen to it. Unfortunately, I don't remember its name, so I can't search my iTunes for it. But if I could just sit down at a piano, I could play it.

*Already saved up for the iPhone. I'm already dreaming about the next big purchase.