Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tales from Working with Undergraduates

Some of my underlings are Harvard undergrads, including the Popular Girls. If you were designing a Harvard student based on focus groups and public opinion, you'd probably come up with something pretty close to them. They are pretty and perky and smart and hardworking and well-adjusted. They will do well in life, I'm sure.

It's hard for me being their supervisor. In a less contrived situation, they would dominate me socially.

Tonight we had a bit of a conflict. They wanted to continue what they called a "fun tradition" that I thought would hurt some people's feelings. I'm supposed to be telling them what to do, but I need to keep them happy in order for it to work. If I said absolutely not, then I might have caused discontent and gained their enmity. By relenting, I might lose my authority.

We're going with the trial run. We'll see how it goes.