Monday, June 04, 2007

Yet Another Grade Appeal

Well, today's email brings the proportion of my gen-ed students from Spring 2007 who were disappointed with their grades up over 10% of the class. The current petitioner failed my class. I believe that this is the only failing student who took the final; the rest of the Fs were from students who gave up before the end of the semester but didn't (or couldn't) withdraw.

The student who complained today says that he just got his grades today. They have been on the online system for three weeks now. Due to the consequences of this failing grade, my student asks whether it is possible for him to improve his grade at this point.

Once again I'm reminded of my theory of extra credit: you aren't ready for extra credit if you haven't completed the regular credit. Part of my course is graded on the attainment of behavioral objectives. Very easy reading quizzes (from the "golden rectangle" chapter, one of the three questions on the quiz was: "What is the name of the shape that this chapter is about?"). Homework graded based on existence (not on correctness). A few points tossed in for good attendance and for being on time. Had my student's performance on the behavioral objectives been closer to the class average, then he would have passed. Had my student read the review sheet and followed the directions about the exams, he might have scored more points. Had my student refrained from text messaging during class and paid attention, he might have acquired a higher level of mastery of the material.