Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Behind the Scenes with the Absentminded Professor

I just got a phone call from The Topologist. Right now he's hundreds of miles away, and I haven't seen him in about a month.

Him: How do I get the projector to recognize the signal from my laptop? I plugged it into the USB, and it isn't working.

Me: Where are you?

Him: I'm using the portable projector.

Me: You need the doohickey. The one that Ben bought you with your computer. It's white.

Him: I need that? Hang on, it's in my office.

Me: You plug it in to the side of your computer between the firewire and the ethernet, and it hooks up to the video.

Him: It converts firewire to ethernet?

Me: I'll wait until you have the doohickey.

Him: OK, I got it.

Me: See the port on the side, with the rectangle with the lines next to it. You plug it in there, and you connect the projector to that.

Him: Thanks.

Me: Are you teaching class right now?

Him: Yeah, and my students are listening to this phone call. I have to go.