Friday, July 20, 2007

A Book That Changed My Life

I don't read a lot of books these days, and I like to imagine that I'm done with my formative years, so the number of books that change my life is dwindling. When I was 20 years old, there were a lot more of them, often in rapid succession.

One of my interests is good design. (I am better at critiquing design than creating good design on my own. I already have a long list of imperfections of my iPhone.) And one of the design books that I absolutely adore and read over ard over and over again when I need inspiration for a creative project is Interaction of Color by Josef Albers.

The art in this building are prints of the color plates that Albers created to illustrate his book. Absolutely amazing. I have been tempted to buy another copy of the text so that I could study these works while I'm here. Yet another reason for me to come back next year: to appreciate the art in the building.