Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chaos Ebbs and Flows

Things went well yesterday. We were able to secure a room with a piano (and that seats over 100) for Professor E., mostly by bluffing. We have a professional pianist in our group, so they performed a duet in the open-ended question-and-answer session after the talk. It was pretty awesome considering that they had never practiced together and they that had only first met only two hours before. I was able to name-drop to Professor E. that I went to graduate school with J. who now lives in the middle of the country.

Today was spent making arrangements for the Fourth of July. Planning and logistics. Buying a tarp to double as a picnic blanket. Xeroxing a sheet with important contact information. Announcing plans and giving people a place to sign up for them.

Not what sure what I think of having a day off. I don't really get it off because there are still things that need to be arranged and dealt with. And I'm going to have to wait until business hours to find out about the A/V in 10-250 for the big-name physics guy talking on Friday and to finalize the arrangements when the Nobel laureate comes on Monday.

In the meantime, I am obnoxious iPhone woman. Instead of carrying around a map of campus, I have an MIT map bookmarked on Safari.