Friday, July 20, 2007

My Social Problems are Merely Based on Incompetence and Cannot Be Justified by Medical Conditions

  1. Tonight's speaker had no prepared talk and just ad libbed the whole thing. In one of his tangents, he mentioned that being smart was usually not socially advantageous. (He went on about that a bit and came back to it a few times.) After the talk, one of my coworkers commented on that part of his talk, remarking to me that if you're a cute girl then being smart isn't a problem. My mathematician brain quickly applied some contrapositive logic to that; internal demons that I try to keep dormant started to stir.

  2. Earlier today another coworker made a totally implausible comment about a social situation. I was completely incapable of determining whether he was just joking and entirely making it up or whether he believed the implausible comment to be true. As such, I tried to limit my reaction to eye rolling.

  3. I'm no longer bothered by being a loser, so instead of going out on a Friday night, I am going to write on my blog about what a loser I am and then go to sleep. I'm hoping to accumulate a second full night of sleep in a row. Running on adrenaline for a month has been great and all, but it's starting to catch up with me. Since crashing is not an option, I'm either going to have to take better care of myself or else get back on coffee (or other chemicals) to keep me going.