Monday, July 16, 2007

Productive vs. Unproductive

I've been very productive lately. I've been able to accomplish things at work at a remarkable pace without having to spend any time at all just lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling. The ratio of good time to bad time has reached an unprecedented high.

I'm trying very hard to keep working madly today, to keep this up, as I am afraid that it's going to start slipping.
Last night, a 10pm staff meeting saved me from a path of tangents into the past. A few weeks ago I got an email from one of my high school classmates. We wrote back and forth, and he mentioned in passing that another one of our classmates (who, in retrospect, I think I went out on a date with in 11th grade -- but I didn't realize at the time that it was a date) had died several years ago.

Didn't really give it much thought, but then last night I started searching the internet for more information. Best I could find were two partial articles from the Schenectady Gazette. I wasn't willing to pay $2 for the whole story, but that journalistic style of putting the most important parts of the story first gave me most of the information that I was looking for.

By the time I'd tracked this down (and the unrelated news that someone who I suspect is his father had been cited by the state medical board a couple of years ago) it was nearly time for my staff meeting. Didn't have the chance to start tracking down the obituary of one of my friends who died on April 1, 1992. Not sure why I wanted to find it, as at one point I nearly had it memorized. It wasn't particulary enlightening; it used the careful language that's used when you don't want to say what happened: "after being stricken." As I tried to remember more about that time, I caught myself casting some of my suspicions as fact. Trying to make sense of it, I'd tried to find parallels in a book she'd recommended (Cat's Eye), and to read things into letters she'd written. How much could I cast her in the role of Cordelia?

Fortunately my staff meeting pulled me away and brought me back into the here and now.

Today I'm trying to pull myself back into the zone of being productive. I've taken care of a bunch of tasks at work, delegated a few others, and wrote another 1300 words of my manuscript (my goal is to write at least 12,000 words a week).