Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Secret Messages

To TroubleGirl:
I'm not mad at you. But I might very well start to keep my distance because I don't need any more drama and chaos right now. I think I might be up to quota on dealing with people with bad luck and/or flawed decision-making

To the person who called:
I get terrible phone reception in this building, so the call was dropped. I googled your number (the whole thing and just the first six digits) and didn't find anything. It's not in my address book. It's not anywhere on my hard drive or in any of my email (assuming Spotlight can be trusted). I'm not calling back some mystery person at a mystery number. If you really want to talk to me, call back. Leave voicemail if necessary.

To the building management
Decreeing that the windows need to be kept closed for four days in July for window washing is just cruel.