Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Social Games I Don't Really Want to Play

While I may personally handle logistics for talks by full professors from the Harvard math department and head over early to double-check the A/V (and bring my own laptop as a backup -- and a flash drive to transfer the PPT, just in case) for Nobel Laureates, many of the tasks in my domain are delegated to my minions, all of whom are undergraduates. They are in charge of meeting people at the airport, running errands, telling me what people need from me, and organizing dinner trips and other social events. They include the Popular Girls.

One of the Popular Girls is upset about something that I have no control over. She is blaming me anyway because I am her immediate supervisor. (She hasn't said anything to me about this; I have many allies, and there is a thriving rumor mill.) I run a fairly tight ship around here; I expect everyone to be responsible and professional in all their official dealings. I'm much more interested in things running smoothly than I am in making friends with undergraduates. As long as she meets the basic responsibilities of her job, I don't care if she likes me. After August 5 I will never see her again.

I was talking about this with Low Boundaries Guy. He quickly proposed a theory of why she doesn't like me: I'm skinnier than she is.