Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm not on my game any more.

Here at work, I've let deadlines slip past without even noticing them. Nothing super-crucial, just I'm annoyed at myself that I'm not getting things done as efficiently as I could. I lost track of time, forgot to make a few phone calls about finding out when things needed to be done, got lazy and stopped checking my list. Trusted some people who were a bit overworked and who underprioritized my projects. And there you have it: all of a sudden, I'm behind.

I'm also neglecting my regular job. Forgetting to get back in contact with students making appeals. Not emailing back the colleague who ignored my feedback during the beginning of the summer who is now asking for input. (Feeling justified on that one: I suspect that I will still be ignored and dismissed.) No idea what the fuck I'm teaching in two of my classes.

Things will only get crazier.

And I don't have a weekend this weekend: I have to go to a stupid family wedding in Brooklyn. I get emails from relatives telling me that I need to show up in certain places at certain times for photographs and goodness knows what else. I don't want to go to your wedding. I don't want to be in your photographs. I am ignoring rumors of a mandatory ultimate frisbee game before the wedding. I'm considering developing a pretend case of food poisoning to get out of this whole thing. Even better: I may tell my relatives that I'm stuck in Cambridge and everyone here that I'm in Brooklyn and then hide in my room all weekend.