Monday, August 20, 2007

Day of Meetings

Today was the last of my days of meetings before the school year starts. Tomorrow I have my first shift of academic advising, which I believe involves telling students to sign up for anything that's open and that seems even remotely interesting, just to get enough credits to be full-time.

I brought a stuffed cat with me to my meetings today. My regular coworkers were more suspiscious and less accepting of a stuffed cat at a meeting than were my summer coworkers. My very last meeting of the back-to-school variety was with the TAs for my calculus class. I suspect that I took my goal of streamlining and reducing meetings and went a bit too far. There was probably more that I should have said about what I'm expecting. However, they don't meet the students until the second week, and they're smart people and fairly responsible. Three of them should be fine; the other two I suspect would have trouble even with a lot of directions.

And I think that I made enemies at the bookstore. They ALWAYS run out of Clickers, so I emailed my entire class of 250 Clicker-needing students and told them that they should buy their Clickers ASAP. Because they are uptight freshmen, they all did as they were told. Now the bookstore is freaking out because there was a run on Clickers and they may run out before classes start. Serves them right.