Friday, August 24, 2007

Did You Know?

Well, based on questions that I've been asked recently, apparently not:
  1. If you are majoring in Early Childhood Education, you have to take psychology and/or sociology. Despite what you think you were told, you can not petition out of them by taking a course in Soil Sciences over in the Agricultural Engineering department. What you're looking for are the social sciences.

  2. If you pass a course with a grade of C or better, you can't take it again for a better grade. The College of Business requires that you have a 2.75 in their prereqs in order to be admitted to their college (and a 3.0 if you want to study accounting). You screw that up? You have to pick a different major. There are no do-overs. Unless you check with Business, not math. They can waive their requirements; we can't let you retake a math class that you passed because you didn't get the grade you wanted.

  3. If you took AP Calculus in high school but didn't take the AP Exam, then we don't believe that you know anything about calculus. Even if you got a 99 in the course. Especially if your placement score indicates "barely prepared for precalc."